That’s right! My wife and I are expecting our very first child. I cannot express how happy I really am to finally be able to live my dream of being a father. I get to see my child be born, watching them grow, and teaching them all I can do be an adult. My wife is only at 10 weeks at this time, so determining the gender will have to wait. We are already looking at decorations, colors, toys, cribs, car seats… you name it. I may sound like an expecting mother, but I am so happy to be looking at baby-related items. I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time and we have been waiting for just the right moment in our lives to start the next step. Raising a family we so wonderful for the both of us, and I’m so excited to live like a kid again, going to Disneyland, reading child books, playing with child toys, and so much more. I am really jumping for joy and I can’t wait until our child is born on the expected due date of July 4th.

Expecting Pic

We are future parents! We are so excited to see you, little one. We cannot be happier for you to come into this world. We are looking forward to spending every minute with you and spoiling you with everything we can :)