Hello all! I am Joseph Ziegler, a systems engineer at Uber, based in San Francisco, California. I’ve been living in the Bay area for around 5 years now and loving every minute of it.

I’m an experienced IT professional with over seven years experience working in the technical industry including experience in support, Linux administration, server automation, Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, mobile devices, and TCP/IP networking. I also have Experience supporting a large corporate-level infrastructure at a very fast-paced environment. I am able to support a large user-base, mostly under pressure, including campus-wide outages, working on several projects at once pertaining to services in the SRE and DevOps stack. Proven ability to drive projects on my own and having a positive impact on a company’s infrastructure. Day to day, I mainly work with Puppet Enterprise, Nagios, Grafana, Kafka, and AWS.

I am very interested in new technology, TCP/IP networking, system administration, and automation. I am ready to learn new things and to make a difference in the world with today’s computer systems. My ambition is to utilize my diverse background and technical experience to make a positive impact on my future career and the world.

My passion is technology. Working in the technical industry is my dream and I do whatever I can to learn every single day and make a huge impact on the corporate infrastructure.