Many of you know of the site that I’ve had for years, ZigSphere. The site was intended to help the world with technology and to share technical knowledge with others around the world. My passion is working with tech, but at the same time, sharing what I learn with others. I wanted to create a community, a place to collaborate and share everything we all know into one place.

Over the last few years, I haven’t had much time to work on the site and finding people who would join the community is extremely hard. Writing the site itself was hard on its own due to the fact that I am not a web developer. Even so, I managed to create a static html site that was functional. I have decided to take the site down for a while until I have time to settle down and find some people to work with to make my dream come true.

There are some linked services that I will be moving over to my domain,

    • This is a forum for for everyone to collaborate, whether it being people asking for help, someone sharing something new they’ve learned, or perhaps letting people know of a recent vulnerability. It is a place to share everything.
    • Will be re-branded and will moved to (Not Completed)
    • A place for content. Mostly for sharing media and learning material. Proudly hosted by a Raspberry Pi.
    • Will be re-branded and moved to (Not Completed)
    • A place to chat live with others in the community using my hosted IRC server.
    • Will be shutdown due to 0 members (Not Completed)
  • Zigsphere Live Cam
    • This is a live cam of my front yard using a Raspberry Pi. (Cam Project)
    • Will be linked at (Not Completed)

All emails going to will still be working. Again, this transition wont be forever, just until I am able to have time to work on it later down the road.